Technical Support VCs

Technical Support for Venture Capitalists and Investment Houses

It is not surprising that many venture capitalists, large institutions and other private investors are not able to keep pace with the ever changing worlds of biotechnology, life sciences and diagnostics.These investors also know that not all seemingly good ideas turn into profitable ventures especially in such specialized fields as Diagnostics, proteomics, genomics etc. Many business plans and requests for funding pass the desks of busy investors. In some cases not enough time is given to the plan through lack of insight into the field or just following a fad can result in a poor choice of investments, both are lost opportunities for the potential investor.

Many investment houses have a technical panel which can offer a similar role, however we’re different in as much as we have been on the other side of the fence, we have experience of the industry in operational as well as strategic roles, and we are working in these sectors so will be able to determine whether or not an idea can be commercialized and produce the returns expected.

At GenomicsVisions, we offer a role of unbiased assessment of plans in the aforementioned fields and guidance as to the potential of the venture. We will look closely at the exit strategy, for instance, and model

similar ventures against the proposal to determine whether the plan is realistic or not. Of course we do not, should not and will not offer investment advice; we see our role as assessing the opportunity presented in the framework of an increasingly dynamic environment.The process is simple, you retain our services for an agreed fixed period and we assess the plans as and when you receive them. This allows you to be proactive in your search for opportunities in this field with the comfort of knowing that you can receive unbiased and knowledgeable. Of course we can also offer services in addition to the business plan filter, for example providing due diligence support if required, or support at candidate presentations acting as your technical advisors.

Fields such as diagnostics and genomics can offer the investor a potential goldmine, but through a simple lack of knowledge these opportunities are missed or passed over.

  • Initial Business Plan Assessment
  • Attendance at Presentations
  • Due Diligence Support