Support for Fledglings



You are probably the founder, someone with a great idea and the vision to take that idea forward, and now you’re faced with that interminable search for funding. Writing the dreaded business plan, presenting the idea, developing the all important “elevator speech”. We bet you didn’t sign up for that! You, as the person with the vision need to spend your time and efforts pushing your idea forward through implementation, not spending hours writing that business plan, crunching those numbers etc. but you can’t really afford to hire a financial controller or strategic planner, yes we know the problem. Every minute away from the action and your idea stands the chance of being diluted – that’s not good.


We believe GenomicsVisions can help. We can prepare your business plan for you, all you need to do is spend a little time working with us to ensure that we get the right positioning and story board together that satisfies you and will also satisfy the potential investors.


Now, we can hear you say, I cannot afford someone to help me with that, in fact I need the money to employ people to do this etc…. “Catch 22”, really.


Well there is a way, through this GenomicsVisions. For a modest retainer we will work on a “no investment no payment” type of basis, i.e. you pay our fees once we, together have secure that all important funding. Therefore you risk little. Our view is, that if we do not believe we can  sell your idea then we will not take it on. If we believe we can then your risk is minimal as we only get paid if you get the funding.


  • Investor Due Diligence
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Business Proposal Pressure Testing
  • Positioning and Elevator Speeches