Strategic Analysis

Measuring the strategic value of a business presentation is useful if the market has been understood and validated. What may seem a good value proposition can easily flounder if the  market dynamics are not well investigated.

· Barriers to Entry – What are the the hurdles that need to be overcome to enter the market?

· Operating Freedom – Does the proposal actually have the freedom to achieve the claims it makes?  Is there current IP which will stand in the way?

· Competitive Landscape – How intense is the competition? Does the market lend itself to pricing wars and therefore reduced margins? How will competitors react to a new entrant?

· Sustainability – Is the proposal sustainable? Will the competition simply produce a better mousetrap?

· Implementation – Is the proposal implementable? Is the business model appropriate to the situation and are the team’s skills sufficient to implement the model?

· R&D Value Creation – Is the proposal a “one off” or is there a pipeline of innovation and/or line extensions to support the initial offering?

·Road-mapping  – Mapping out the way forward, setting goals and delivering a pathway to achieve the goals

· Gap Analysis – Analyzing the technical and technology gaps as well as understanding the Key Skills, attributes and knowledge of the people

· Risk Analysis –  Measurement of the risk associated with the proposal, how to hedge against it, minimize and exploit.