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Founded in 2001, GenomicsVisions provides services primarily for small, start up and fledgling companies in the Biotechnology field, but have also worked with AIM listed companies as well a large corporations. Our goal is to provide the quality of service associated with blue chip consultancies but at a cost which small companies can afford.

We are close to the “action” and can see what many blue chips consultancies cannot. We’re in constant contact with people in the fields, we know the issues, the dynamics and the opportunities that exists.

Our expertise resides in the diagnostics, genomics and proteomics fields in which we have many years experience. Possibly our advantage is that because we have worked in these areas we have encountered precisely the issues most small companies face today. Which makes us well positioned to understand the nature of the problem. We are located in the United Kingdom, near Oxford and primarily deal with the European market .

Aside from assisting small and fledgling companies we also provide support for investors. These fields in Biotechnology and life Sciences are  very dynamic and fast moving. Even in the diagnostic industry there are significant changes happening and these areas present many opportunities but can be difficult to see. Many investors are bombarded with business plans from enterprising individuals and companies and by the very nature of the beast, the technology and applications are advancing all the time. Keeping pace with the field is time consuming and difficult. We offer an unbiased analysis of the opportunity to assist you to make your investment decisions


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