Operational Management

Operational Management and Analysis

What do we mean with the term operational Implementation?… Well in our view Strategy is only any good if it can be implemented!We are sure you will agree with that statement, but how many times have vast amounts of money been paid to hugely expensive consultants who offer up the most elaborate strategy which generally moves into the CEO’s bottom drawer. It is all to frequent. Alas it continues to happen time and time again. Well GenomicsVisions offers something different. Led by Dr Nick PAY, GenomicsVisions brings operational experience into strategy. Now the strategy combines realism with vision. Mobilizing resources in the most effective and penetrative way.All the strategic tombs available will not help you if your people do not buy the idea. Our view is that the people will develop the strategy and our job is to provide the tools and the years of experience to map out strategy that works together with those who will live it. We even participate in its implementation through our interim management programme. Now any “consultant” will be careful to deliver implementable strategy rather than pure strategic thinking in the abstract. So we provide you with a programme of actions which implement the strategy rather than leaving you and your people to ponder how on earth do you make it happen?. Now where to go from here?Well it is simple, just invite us to discuss your requirements with you and then we can help you (and us) to decide whether we can help you or not. GenomicsVisions cannot do everything, we are specialists and as such there will be assignments that we will walk away from simply because we are not the right people to undertake the task. We can however help you decide who will give you the best service.Because we are operational people we have had experience of all the so called “blue chip” advisers and consultants. So in effect we can be your unbiased “consultant advising on the choice of consultant”. Not all the “blue chips” are good at everything, in fact, in some cases they should be avoided, we can assist you in deciding who are good at what and who will be the best for your needs.So what who cares?… a favourite expression of a consultant who particularly enjoyed evoking outrageous responses, but he was right, much of what you do not already know is not worth knowing, it is how you put what you do know together that matters and that is where GenomicsVisions can add value for you and your company.